Commemoration Center Camp Westerbork

Camp Westerbork is the story of the murder of a single person multiplied by 102,000: a mother, a father, a grandfather, a grandmother, an uncle, an aunt, a brother, a sister, a son, a daughter, a nephew, a niece, a friend, a neighbor, a classmate ... And the story of 5,000 survivors. On this historic site in the center of Drenthe the memory of one hundred thousand Dutch Jews is kept alive. Personal stories in exhibitions and films make the history of Westerbork accessible. Film images from 1944, a partial replica of a barracks, a final farewell greeting thrown from a train, a huge mock-up of the camp, drawings of children at play, unique films about the camp and music and theater performances – all these provide a picture and a feeling for this telling past. In addition to exhibitions, the museum organizes many educational activities.