National Monument Camp Vught

National Monument Camp Vught is situated on a part of the former ‘Konzentrationslager Herzogenbush’, also known as Camp Vught. The commemoration center contains a permanent exhibit that shows the daily life in a concentration camp, the terror and persecution. The fates of the victims, perpetrators and bystanders bring the history close-up. A mock-up made of natural stone, a replica of a part of a barracks, the reconstructed camp fence, watchtowers and the original crematorium give a sense of the nature and scope of the camp.
The Children’s Memorial recalls the large transports of Jewish children in June 1943 to the annihilation camps. The reflection room contains more than 750 names of the men, women and children who did not survive Camp Vught.
A concerted effort is being made to build a bridge between the past and present meaning of this historically charged site.