Resistance Museum Friesland

Resistance Museum Friesland involves visitors in the dilemmas of the Second World War. The principal theme of the museum is ‘Choosing, Then and Now.’ You can make a good choice or a bad one. Not choosing is also a choice. Sometimes there is no choice. The Resistance Museum takes this fourfold division a step further thematically: resistance, collaboration, accommodation and persecution. In addition there is a chronological overview that covers the First World War to the present.
The museum is also a site of remembrance and reflection. The latter finds expression in the monument containing the names of 290 persons who died in the Frisian resistance, a monument with more than 600 persecuted and murdered Jews from Fryslân, and a monument commemorating Frisian forced laborers who perished. Whenever possible, the museum tells a story about the war years in the province of Fryslân -- a story about objects, but above all the stories about the individuals behind the objects.