Municipal Archive Weert

The Municipal Archive Weert is the keeper of the archives of the local authorities (Weert and Stramproy), the parishes of Weert and neighboring villages. Also it preserves the archives of private institutions and companies. One can also visit the archive for its collections of books, newspapers, other small publications, drawings, postcards, photographs, maps, building plans and posters. Also there are DVD's, videotapes, records and cd's. From World War Two the Municipal Archive has, to name some of them, the archive of the evacuation committee (1940), the cabinet of the NSB mayor Rösener Manz, the Air Raid Protection, the police reports of airplane crashes and matters of requisitioning and billeting. Regarding photographic material the archive has a large collection of pictures made in the late thirties onwards until 1945. These include pictures of the Peel- Raamstelling, the war damage in 1940, sabotages, the inauguration of the already mentioned mayor Rösener-Manz and the liberation of Weert in September 1944 and the period afterwards. A lot of this material is the work of two brothers, Jacques and Jozef de Haan. From the former is a remarkable collection of color slides in the collection, showing the liberation of Weert and the period shortly afterwards. It is possible to view almost all this material digital.