Terms of use and image rights

The images in this database are intended for personal use only, unless permission has been granted for publication or some other form of public disclosure.

It is free to download the scans. It is possible to request a higher resolution scan. Charges will apply to this. Contact us. It is not possible to download film material. We will be happy to advise you in regard to duplication of film material.

The material in the Image Bank is subject to various intellectual copyright forms, meaning that you as the user do not have the same level of access to all of the material. For material for which the rights are held by a third party, special terms and tariffs apply. When you click on the “download” link next to the image, it will be clearly displayed who holds the rights to it and which terms of use apply.


When using our images, you must cite the Image Bank WW2 as your source. Additionally you must include the name of the photographer/artist/etc. (if known) and the location of the original. Here is the format to use: Image Bank WW2 – [Name Organization] – [Name photographer or collection (if known)]

The source citation needs to be clearly associated with the image in question. The source citation can look like this:

“Image Bank WW2 – NIOD – Stapf Bilderdienst” or “Image Bank WW2 – Resistance Museum Amsterdam – Photo by K.F.H. Bönnekamp”.


If you need an image for publication, you will be referred to the location of the original or the Image Bank WW2 will send you the scan after permission has been obtained from the rights-holder. What will happen depends on the specific agreement between the rights-holder and the Image Bank WW2. Often it is necessary to pay a usage fee for publication. This depends upon the organization or collection which holds the image. Fees will be determined based on the Image Bank’s established terms of use and tariffs, as seen in this list: Tariffs for use.

The Image Bank WW2 contains image material for which the intellectual property rights (copyright) completely or partially reside with others (third parties). You cannot download this material directly. To download these, the user must provide the Image Bank with a written clarification wherein the rights-holder clearly states to have given permission for reproduction of the image in question. In some cases, an organization has an agreement with the rights-holder and can in that case act as an intermediary. There are some images which can only be ordered from the third-party rights-holder. In these cases, you will be referred through to the copyright holder and the Image Bank WW2 is not further involved.

The user carries full responsibility for the carrying out of all agreements made with the copyright holder which apply to delivery of the product. The user absolved the Image Bank WW2 of all responsibility regarding their agreements with third parties. Creator or photographer unknown For much of the material in our various image archives, the creator is unknown. Before the War, the name of the photographer was not often thought to be important. The German Occupiers changed this with the Nazification of the press. The “Journalistenbesluit” (Verordeningenblad 83/1941) of 2 May, 1941, the full name of the photographer and the related press bureau were required to be included in citations. The Image Bank WW2 and attached organizations have done their best to track down the names of the creators and possible copyright holders of the material in our archives and to gain permission to render them publicly accessible. This remains, seventy years after the war, a difficult and time-consuming process. This is why you will sometimes come across the term “photographer unknown” in our database. If you think that the digital availability of certain images violates any rights which fall to you, or invades your privacy, or if you know who created a particular image, please let us know. The name of the photographer can be added and the copyright issues can be resolved. Proof example It is required that we receive a copy of any publication in which image material received from us is included; please send these to the following address:

Beeldbank WO2 Herengracht 380 1016 CJ AMSTERDAM Nederland

For more information, you can contact the Image Bank WW2 by phone or e-mail: Tel. 020-5233800 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rates for reproduction rights

Some of the organizations or collections which holds an image asks for a usage fee for publication. In that case the following rates are applicable to the single use of images, per illustration used:

Daily papers, door-to-door papers, magazines and periodicals


Price (€)





100.001 and more





Price (€)







10.001 and more

On application

Front cover

+ 100%

Television, filmproductions

Price (€)

News bulletin/Current affairs




Feature film/DVD/Videoproductions


Museum and Exhibition

Price (€)

1 year





Price (€)

1 year




Other Folders, calendars, maps, posters and other prints depend on kind and circulation. Usage fee on request. Please send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Comments and conditions

In the case of reprints (exact same print) a discount of 50% will be applied. In the case of front covers a surcharge of 100% will be applied. Schoolbooks will be charged separately by edition and language. User is obliged to mention use and print run. All mentioned prices are exclusive of possible bank expenses. The Image Bank WW2 is not responsible for use of its material